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Case Studies

Pageantry Electronic Systems have been manufacturing, installing, and maintaining technology in mobile, highway, and rail environments for over 25 years. This has included tens of thousands of installations for major transport operators, thousands of engineering call-outs to maintain and support IT based systems on trains, buses, and highways throughout the UK, and manufacturing critical components and interconnects for power distribution and communication networks. The following examples are typical of the work we carry out.

Tramtrack Croydon Installation & Maintenance
In order to optimise its service to meet passenger demands and maximise revenue collection opportunities, London’s successful tram operator Tramtrack recognised the importance of accurately measuring passenger flow on its fleet of trams.
In 2004 Tramtrack purchased its passenger counting solution and Pageantry Ltd (formerly JM Communications) were appointed to install and commission the passenger recognition sensors and associated computer equipment onboard each tram. In addition Pageantry Ltd was also contracted to conduct a radio survey of the tram depot area and then supply and install a wireless LAN, which is utilised to download the passenger information from each tram when it returned to the depot at night.

The tram installations commenced in late 2004 and were completed on schedule in early 2005. Following the successful completion of the project and acceptance of the system by Tramtrack, Pageantry Ltd was rewarded with a 4 year contract to supply the ongoing maintenance services for the passenger counting system and wireless LAN, and is still supplying maintenance and support services to date.

Hampshire County Council RTPI Installation
As part of its Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) initiative and combined with its leading role in the Road Management System for Europe (ROMANSE) Hampshire County Council invited companies to tender for the provision and installation of a county wide RTPI solution in 2002.

Pageantry Ltd as part of a team made a proposal in response to the tender and in 2003 was successful in being awarded the contract to deliver Hampshire County Council’s new RTPI solution. This project adds Hampshire to the already long list of Local Authority projects that have been successfully delivered by Pageantry Ltd since 1992.

This project was scheduled to be introduced in a phased rollout across the county over a 3 year period and included the following key elements:

  • Central System installation
  • Vehicle AVL and communications installations coverage in
    8 strategic locations across Hampshire
  • Bus Stop Sign installations along key routes
  • Garage Workstation installations within all 8 locations

Work including the installation of a Central System was completed in Winchester in 2004, together with the installation of on-vehicle equipment in Basingstoke, which was the first of the eight strategic locations. In line with the scheduled rollout program, to date over 850
On-vehicle installations have been completed including vehicles in two further strategic locations, namely Winchester and Andover. The delivery of the first Bus Stop Sign installation commenced in early 2006, and was completed in 6 months.

Pageantry Ltd completed the deployment of Hampshire County Council’s RTPI solution in 2006 as per the original project schedule requirement. We still work with Hampshire County Council today, providing maintenance and repair services on Real Time Information Signs.

TfL Installation and Maintenance Contracts
In 2004 it was announced by TfL that all future London Buses installation work was to be formalised into a Framework Agreement. The scope of work for this agreement was to include the following areas:

  • Automatic Vehicle Location
  • Mobile communications
  • Emergency radio
  • Microwave beacon network
  • Passenger information signs at bus stops
  • Bus Route performance workstations and microwave beacon arrays at garage locations
  • Bus lane enforcement and surveillance
  • Traffic light priority interfaces

Pageantry Ltd was invited to participate in the tendering process for inclusion into the Framework Agreement in recognition of its strong history of providing similar services to Transport for London including:

  • Over 20,000 installations and decommissions of on-bus equipment
  • 4,000 bus stop sign installations
  • Installation of a network comprising of 8,000 microwave beacons
  • Design production and deployment of many of the depot garages  microwave beacon arrays
  • Computer workstation installations at over 80 garage locations
  • Design and production of many of the original ancillary items including cable looms and specialist equipment brackets.

With this demonstrable track record in current, legacy and new technologies, Pageantry Ltd was pleased to be awarded a 3 year framework agreement for installation works in Feb 2005.

This was followed by a further success in October 2005 when Pageantry Ltd also obtained a Framework Agreement for the maintenance of all AVL and Radio communications equipment to cover the following areas:

  • On-bus voice and AVL communications
  • Emergency radio communications
  • Hardwire telephone to radio extensions
  • Microwave beacon network
  • Bus stop signs
  • Garage workstation computers

Following the award of the Maintenance Framework Agreement the TfL Procurement Director commented that:

“Pageantry Ltd (formerly JM Communications) application was one of the best constructed and most competitive proposals from all of the organisations which had bid for the work”.